About the author

Updated on 22 August 2007.

My name is Iana Dreyer.

What I do in life

I do research and project management for the Brussels-based international trade policy think tank called European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE). Before that I was programme writer/content generator for investment and finance conferences on emerging markets for the Financial Times Group (FT Business).

I run this blog on a personal capacity. What I write here “does not necessarily reflect the opinion” of any institution I work for.


I hold an MSc Politics of the World Economy from the London School of Economics (2005). I specialised in world trade with a particular interest in developing countries in the world trading system, and a special focus on regionalism, free trade agreements and Central American regional trade policies. I also have a Master’s from Sciences Po in Paris (2002). My education there is a 50/50 blend of classic political sciences and economics. I further hold a Licence (BA) in History at the Sorbonne (Paris IV). I also did a one-year course in international law at Paris-II University. And I obtained my Abitur (A-levels) in Germany.

Background, language, international…

I was born in Honduras, Central America, from a German/Chilean father and a French mother. I lived in Honduras the first nine years of life, then a total of seven years in Germany, and a total of ten years in France. I usually use my French passport for travel and administrative purposes.

Further international experience includes six very important eye-opening months of my life in South India in 2001, and a few trips to Latin America.

Given this background I am fluent in French, German and of course English. My Spanish is not quite fluent, although it tends to flow very easily in a very Latin American fashion. But I have learned to live with the fact that I will not be able to write essays in Cervantes’ language. I chose to write in English – not my mother tongue, you might notice once in a while – because it is today’s lingua franca and particularly malleable and creative. Sometimes I publish a post in French.



6 Responses to “About the author”

  1. dreyer dora Says:

    Das Bild passt !…

  2. Per Kurowski Says:

    There are risks in shying away from risks

    Friends and development experts, would you please comment on the following

    When the Bank Committee of Basel decided on the minimum capital requirements methodology they loaded up new expenses on the credits already more expensive because they were perceived to be of higher risks and this resulted in the introduction of a regulatory bias against risk taking in the commercial banking sector.

    It is indeed sad when a developed nation decides making risk-adverseness the primary goal of their banking system and shies away from risks and places itself voluntarily on a downward slope, but it is a real tragedy when developing countries copycats them and also fall into the trap of calling it quits.

    More from this perspective on http://www.subprimeregulations.blogspot.com/

  3. Eve Lee Says:

    where is the new website design???

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