Looking back at the G20

April 6, 2009

Two recommendations for those who want to take stock of the G20:

For French speakers, an excellent radio-show on France Culture with a few eminent French economists (if only that talent was allowed to have a greater say in the country…). One can listen to it until Friday.

And for other English-speakers who have read the newspapers, don’t miss the excellent warning and comment by the FT’s Alan Beattie today on G20, poverty, aid, etc: G20 pledges must amount to more than just hot air.

“Groupings that produce grandiloquent promises of international action are only worthwhile when they materially affect the domestic policy debates in their member countries. Breaking the G8 aid pledges has inflicted no significant political damage on anyone. (Italy is the worst laggard, and yet Silvio Berlusconi, one of the Gleneagles signatories, is back in power again in 2009.) In that regard, there is scant evidence yet that the G20 can perform any better than its widely discredited older cousin.”


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