Trade nerds, something for you: unplucking the ITA

December 10, 2008


Apologies, dear readers, for a new period of relative inactivity on this blog.  A pity, so much going on…. Maybe I’ll find time to comment on The International Commentariat and the Crisis. The fascination with bailout packages is truly amazing. I should be able to find time soon again, because what’s been holding me up is now finally out of the way: a paper written with Brian Hindley and Fredrik Erixon on the information technology agreement  interesting for whoever’s interested in hard-core trade matters (or in cheap and better ICT goods): structure of trade agreements in the WTO, dispute settlement customs classification, IT, and whether LCD monitors or mobile phones with a GPS function can be traded duty free. It follows a dispute filed by the US, Japan and Taiwan in the WTO against the EU this year on its classification practices of complex multifunctional ICT products. Some background was provided by Trade Diversion a few months ago.

No more papers for now, so hopefully more time for real blogging….!


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