Irish no vote (slight upd.)

June 13, 2008

Well, looks like the EU Constitution, watered down to an incomprehensibly complex Lisbon Treaty is now definitively dead. The Dutch said no, the French said no, and now the Irish say no.

Let me just bring in two quotes by Oxford’s Jan Zielonka:

It has been evident from the very beginning of European integration that ambitious and straightforward cooperative projects have a fairly good chance of being shot down.

European policy-makers [are] faced with a choice: integration in disguise or no integration.

I have been thinking: can Europe be popular? And is there a Europe of “the people”? Quick Friday-afternoon brainstorm: there is a nationalist-competitive and an integrative Europe at play. What do I mean?

– The nationalist-competitive: concluding from the status updates one gets to read on Facebook, for sure, there is one single thing that focuses minds in Europe: Euro 2008 (definitely not the Irish referendum)!

– The integrative: concluding from my recent cheap and quick flight from Belgium to Southern France: low-cost airlines! And not least the mythical, and very Irish, Ryanair!


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