Grounds to be optimistic

March 12, 2008

There are many grounds to be pessimistic: Inflation and rising food and commodity prices, financial crunches, “Losing Russia”, post-cold war diplomatic farces in South America, the Darfur conflict, etc. etc. (Oh, I forgot Nicolas Sarkozy – I better not think of him…). Worse, antidepressants are not as effective as one would think, we socialise less, and no longer have time for children.

Well, not being a consumer of anti-depressants, I can’t possibly live with this gloom. So I looked for grounds to be optimistic to keep me going. I found some:

Russia will probably not be as nasty as everybody fears – business will prevail.

– Increased trade rather helps improve air quality in China

– Politically, and in matters of immigration, Spaniards, for European standards, really rock. France is probably even finally discovering the market economy…


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