Blogging around and awarding randomly, subjectively, and unfairly…

January 12, 2008

As you already guessed, shopping in Brussels is not the best option, highly restricted by useless restrictions and excessive labour costs. What is left, once you managed – after more than a month (if lucky) – to get a decent internet connection, is: to blog around (that saves money!). So I’ve been blogging around and finding out/rediscovering a few things. Here my shopping list:

Best European blogroll: Kosmopolit.

Favourite African blog: Ideias de Mocambique 

Best economist: Greg Mankiw.

Best French economic-cum-humour blog: Econoclastes. But there are a few other talented Frenchies: Ecopublix, Blogizmo, and many others…

The incredible Alaskan-based trade blogger. Ben Muse. Managing three blogs!: US-Korea, Ben Muse, and, brand new – The Custom House

The most thorough international trade and globalisation blogger: Jonathan Dingel

The Money and Power academic geeks: IPE Zone. 

Favourite international journo’ commentary blog. Chic, glitz, glam’ and never-ending wit: Gideon Rachman

The King: Mr Wolf…

Honestly, my personal favourite blog is a cooking blog. The lady was so talented, that she was offered a job to manage a major French cooking website. She’s left with no more time to blog…. Quel dommage!


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