Diplomatic “win-wins”

December 10, 2007

ECIPE will do a presentation at the Chinese Mission to the EU tomorrow. On browsing through various documents to prepare for it, two paragraphs of the Joint Statement released after the recent EU-Chinese Summit struck me in particular for their, well, very diplomatic content:

“Leaders stated that China-EU consultation and coordination on major international and regional issues – in particular Africa, Myanmar, the Korean peninsula, Iran, the Middle East and Kosovo, as well as ASEM – as an important part of the overall China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership, had played an important role in promoting world peace, stability and sustainable development.”

(….oh yeah?)

“The two sides briefed each other on their respective latest developments. China welcomed the new and significant progress made in EU integration, as a result of the EU agreement on a new Reform Treaty, which further strengthens Europe as a global player. The EU welcomed the Seventeenth National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, and the application of its Scientific Outlook on Development, pursue a win-win strategy of opening up, and follow unswervingly the path of peaceful development. Leaders stated that the current world is now undergoing extensive and profound changes, and that as comprehensive strategic partners, both at a crucial stage of development, China and the EU would, upholding the spirit of democracy, harmony and collaboration for win-win results, continue to work together to promote democracy in international relations, advance a more balanced development of economic globalization to ensure mutual benefit and win-win progress. They would work to promote human civilization, be committed to the peaceful settlement of international disputes, support each other and make concerted efforts to jointly safeguard planet Earth for the benefit of all mankind. “

No, really?


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