A www.cpc.(gov.)cn website?

October 12, 2007


No, no, there is none.

Richard McGregor has a fascinating piece on how China’s ruling party is currently tightening its grip over the country. Among many other interesting things, I learned The Party has indeed no website!

Certainly, the party makes no pretence of transparency. In a country that has embraced the internet and mobile telephony (China had 162m estimated internet users by the end of June and about 450m mobile phone accounts), the party does not even have a website.

[A teacher in a] party school – in Yan’an, an old revolutionary base – dismisses an internet presence as redundant. “All the important media are owned by the party, so we have no need to set up a website,” he says.


One Response to “A www.cpc.(gov.)cn website?”

  1. Akuwueze Ranyechi lorreta Says:

    I wnt to knw all about cpc bcos as Diplomate to be by God grace also as an international students i need to knw all this things.thnks and God blssd

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