April 10, 2007

Last month, the EU turned 50. This month, the GATT is turning 60.

Apart from the community of policy-geeks, and the elite-readers of the comment and debate sections of dull and conservative papers such as the FT and the WSJ, nobody hardly noticed. Mainstream media prefer to cover protectionist agitation of a few angry minorities and politicians’ electoralist point-scoring rather than provide what they should: Information and Background. But no: it’s all about featurisation or tabloidification and entertaining the Crowds dubbed as not intelligent enough to understand anything that matters to their lives. After all, the EU and the GATT are about people’s jobs, what they buy in their supermarkets and shopping malls and the incredible rise in the levels of comfort in life rendered possible by the Tide of the Market both EU and GATT initiated.

My oh-so modest blog lost in the ever-expanding blogosphere is also celebrating a very modest birthday: 5 months. (Wow!….)

For this occasion, I undertook an appraisal which led me to refresh the 2 About pages (About the author, and What this blog is about) in order to match the theory of the blog with its practice and to concentrate on the essentials. I also asked friends to produce a new design template for it. So a new look to be expected soon!

Chin chin!


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